Benchmark is proud to be associated with Nireekshe Special School and being a part of the noble work they do.

Every time a Benchmark property is sold, on behalf of the buyer, Benchmark contributes to the financial needs of one specially-challenged child.


Kadambini, a 15 year old girl suffering from Mild Mental Retardation and Speech Problems is our latest benefactor from the sale of 'Villa 10' of 'The Residences'.

Nireekshe is a Special school run under the Kripanidhi Trust, for the mentally challenged children. We have 85 children with 25 teaching and 3 helping staff.

We have children with various disabilities such as Mental Retardation, Autism, ADHD, Learning disabilities etc.

Nireekshe was started in 2006 by Hemamalini Krupakar with service motive in her residence for 3 children and now it has grown so far in 9 yrs. Due to constraints of space, we have taken 100x40 open space for rent of Rs.12,000/- per month for 5 yrs and have constructed a temporary structure at Ramakrishnanagar and is functioning at this place.

Although, we are charging a nominal fee, we also have 20 children who belong to the weaker section and are catered free and taken care by our trust. As we have moved to a new premises and our overhead expenses have doubled are not able to maintain the salaries to the staff and overcome other overhead expenses. This year however we have sent a memorandum to the Government for granting an aid.

Hence we request you to kindly help us in sponsoring as many children as you can and help us to serve such children efficiently.

As we have 80G exemption of Income tax, we request you to kindly inform your staff of SPI, as this is the time to file their IT returns, they may donate and get the exemption.

Children in need

Donate for a Special Childs Education

Someone is Dreaming about YOU

Color a CHILD’S future by sponsoring their Education

Nireekshe is an Open School-Daycare-Learning Center dedicated to enrich the lives of some Mentally Challenged Children or Children with any other Mental Disabilities who are still Educable. Nireekshe envisions a future where these Children can fulfill their Dreams. Our Child support program has changed the lives of many children in Mysore and has brought HOPES to many who need support & motivation. So they can achieve what everyone hopes for, a better life.

So go ahead, sponsor a child and make a difference.

It takes only Rs. 1,250/- per month to change a life. Annually it is just 15,000/-

Do u mind spending a mere Rs.41 per day to light hope in a Mentally Challenged Child.?

Make a child smile

When you sponsor a Child, you receive:

A Picture and the Story of the sponsored child. Your sponsored child`s Annual Progress Report to show you his/her progress.

Tax benefits under Sec 80G of Income Tax Department helping you cut down on Taxes. And best of all, meaningful relationship with the child you sponsor – the chance to write to your sponsored child or visit your child, making you an active partner in your child`s progress and development.

Above all you and your family will be blessed abundantly by the God Almighty for your Human Gestures.

I would like to sponsor a child studying at “Nireekshe special school” with special needs and belonging to the weaker section of the society, for the academic year 2015-16, which would cost Rs.15,000/- annually.

Through Cheques
Through bank transfer
The commitment I have made is purely on my own will and I promise to stand by the same.